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  • Lian Pack丨What is the molded fiber forming process
    Lian Pack丨What is the molded fiber forming process
    Lian Pack丨What is the molded fiber forming processFiber forming in pulp molding production uses mechanical extrusion to produce higher molding pressure. The pulp pump will feed the pulp in the slurry tank into the quantitative grouting device, and inject it into the drainage molding device after quantification. Then, under the action of hydraulic press, the upper mold is extended into a pulp-filled shaper to meet the lower mold and extrude the pulp. The water in the slurry is discharged through the holes in the mesh mold, and the fibers are formed between the upper and lower molds. At the end of molding, the upper mold is connected with vacuum, and the lower mold is connected with compressed air. The wet paper die blank is moved to the upper mold under the vacuum suction effect of the upper mold and the blown off effect of the compressed air of the lower mold. Finally, the wet paper die blank is removed from the upper mold and sent to dry. The pressure of the pulp during extrusion molding is 0.6~ 1.2mpa, the vacuum degree of the upper mold vacuum chamber is about 780Pa, the pressure of the compressed air blowing out the wet product is 0.1~ 0.2mpa, and the water content of the wet paper mold blank after molding is 65%~75%. The molding time is determined by the quality requirements of the product, depending on the structure of the molding device, pulp concentration and fiber beating degree.
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